Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our good friend Bonnie moved away leaving us without a stylist for Presley. Tomorrow is meet the teacher night & Presley was in need of something for her curls. We went after naps leaving the 4 boys with our favorite sister duo, the Johnsons. The salon is for children & they pampered presley with coloring pages, cupcakes, lemonade & they painted her nails while waiting for her appointment. I love watching her see & try new things. She wears her feeling & thoughts on her face. I could see her little mind working, taking it all in. The music, the pink lighting, the dress ups. Her expression was somewhere between nervousness & excitement. We do not get much time alone, just us girls. The entire time we were out she kept saying "girl time momma?" She watched frozen & rode in a pink barbie car while getting her baby ends chopped off to give her inherited head of curls a lift. Then her hair was braided & a new butterfly clip was placed on her head where a big bow usually sits. She liked the little sparkling butterfly, but requested the big bow to be returned to its rightful spot while I buckled her into her seat.  I stopped to get her a soft serve ice cream cone on the way home. She was very pleased with all the big girl things she did today. Lately when she does something that is "big girl" she will say "Mommy so proud of me!" I am so proud of her. She was late to potty train & late to speak, but Ill tell ya...she has picked up momentum & I am in fact VERY VERY PROUD of her! Her brothers are too. They have been handing out high fives & extra hugs when she succeeds at just about anything. I wish rod could have seen Presley before bed tonight. She was acting so grown up & looking extra sweet with her cute hair cut! I think I am down to just 1 baby. Presley is ditching babyish things left & right these days. I cannot believe she starts school in less than a a week! unreal! 


Kalen said...

Oh my goodness, that place is SOOOO cute!!! The girls will have to go together when we're down next!

Kim-the-girl said...

You are such a better mom for that girl than I am for mine.... (Who am I kidding, for your boys too!) What fun you two will be having together forever.

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