{Holiday Weekend}

Monday, September 01, 2014

Last week was a sneak peek of things to come, but then we were thrown right back into summer mode with a 3 day holiday weekend. Natalie planned a party for Saturday night & we had yet another great night with neighbors. The big water slide is always a hit. The children took a quick break to eat & returned to the slide until the rental guys came to deflate it.  The cherry on top of the night  was that my mom was here to join us. She was such a help to me this past week with the new school schedules & routines. Tomorrow we hop right back on the school bus, but the extra few days of summer schedules was appreciated. 


We also had a wedding & went out for an impromptu burger place with neighbors for lunch. I snapped a picture of Tre & his buddies while gussied up for church. Thank goodness for instagram & iPhones! 

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