{King of Great Maddox}

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let me start with this little nugget of ours. I feel like I need to warn New Mexico! For a while now Maddsy has been rather irritated with the fact that Britton has a nation (Great Britain) & his own flag. At dinner Maddox announced that he is going to "conquer" New Mexico with "force" & claim it as "Great Maddox"  His flag is going to be rainbow colored he says. I asked him today after Speech if he would be king or President. King of course. I told him he needed to come up with some ideas on how to keep his people happy & healthy. His first declaration as King of "Great Maddox"...all kids can drive cars. Heaven help us I love this back-talking blue eyed boy.
Yesterday we ran into neighbors at the pool. The children played so well together. M & M & A were so precious with Maddox. Now that Maddox & Britt are swimming without vests the girls kept an extra watchful eye on our 5 year old. Miss. A was particularly protective & it really warmed my heart. They built forts & had "meetings" at their round table. Im pretty sure my children are all secretly angry at me today because I sort-a forgot to lather them up with sun screen. They are all rocking a pretty bad case of sunburn today. They are so patient with their momma. 

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