Tuesday, January 07, 2014

We shook up new years eve this year.
Last minute the street through together a block party/pot luck. 
It was a rowdy good time. Nick set off a ridiculous amount of fireworks and scared some children & even caught Brian's jacket on fire. The children lit sparklers & rode bikes in  the dark. There was chili & Gabby made something similar to what I grew up calling American chop suey. Everyone gobbled it up. All my neighbors are amazing in the kitchen. We had so many laughs & made some silly memories. I was freezing to death and lost feeling in my toes, but Tre was having a blast & I was getting a kick out of our conversations. we even called Rod on speaker phone wishing him a happy new year & letting him know the whole street missed him.
My parents were sports and went with the flow and change in menu & plans.
The younger children slowly went inside one by one as the cold air & late night wore them out.
By the time Tre & I came in the children were sleeping & my parents were off to bed for the day of travel that was ahead. 
Tre & I kissed when the ball dropped. 
I tucked him in bed & quickly went to sleep myself, with thoughts of Rod. 
Bring on 2014! 

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