Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The weather was pretty so we picked up some chicken & headed to the park for dinner. When we get out as a family the children are drawn to each other. They really are such good friends. Tre loved watching the babies swing & try new things on the playground. He is such a tender hearted boy. Maddox was brave & found himself a bit higher than he was ready for on the ladders & ropes. Britton wondered about enjoying the fresh air. Britt is our boy who would rather stay in than go out. It took some convincing to get him to come along, but once he was out & exploring it was easy to see he was enjoying himself. Presley enjoyed it most of all. All smiles the entire time...well until we said it was time to go. Cooper loved swinging. If the swing stopped he would bounce and kick in an effort to get moving again. All this was Rods spontaneous idea. He called at 3 & suggested we head out side for dinner & let the kids play.  It was such a fun evening. 


Kalen said...

At first glance, I saw a lot of Presley in Cooper's face in that second picture! And I love the kid's Chucks!!!

allegra said...

so cute! I love those spontaneous evenings out where it's something to break up the boring old dinner routine.

marie said...

4Did I Spy some chicken from the Chicken Palace? The pictures of the kids are precious and they look like they were having loads of FUN!

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