{birthday at the beach prt. 1}

Thursday, January 02, 2014

I really do not deserve the kindness always given to me. My neighbors Laura & Derrick once again made sure our family had some much needed time with Rod. This time my Mom & Dad were with us. The children were pleased as peaches to be back. We settled in late the first night & the kids fell asleep watching movies. The next morning the sleepyheads woke to pancakes that Omah rose early to make. The weather had turned cold since our first visit so we spent much of the visit warm inside. We had packed along some new toys & the children were content to play. Presley brought along my/her bitty baby. i love that she hugs and totes around the dolly I played with when I was young. We packed swim suits & the children swam around in the hot tub. Late on my birthday Rod arrived with balloons and sweets, while my Mom & Dad had bought blue bell ice cream for the birthday festivities. The balloons were a big hit (and as most big hits go...became a bit of a problem come bedtime.) The evening sunset did not disappointment. Not a bad way to celebrate my birthday. The next day the children were quick to retrieve the green and white balloons and continue their play. 

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