Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Just as when I was a kid, the boys woke before sunrise & unwrapped their stocking items while Mom & Dad snoozed a few more moments. When the adults were up & stretched we started into the festivities. Christmas morning was short & sweet leaving time for the children to play with newly unwrapped things. We had baked panzanella for breakfast with fresh berries, cocoa & juice.  Britt's favorites were his plant plushes, while Maddox & Presley loved playing "vegetarians" with their veterinarian kit & puppies. Tre was excited to play games & Cooper was just happy to play with anything left within reach (which is turning into most things these days!) 
We had a very relaxing day of dinner preparations. We had a big turkey, ham, or as Britton calls ham, "flat turkey." Silly buddy.  We set the tape complete with our traditional crackers. The crackers included the fun crepe paper crowns & little toys. I love the little traditions most of all. Rod had to leave right after dinner to return to his away month. We were all sad to see him go. The sun set & the house smelled of fresh fir wreaths & christmas dinner. it was warm & nice. We watched christmas movies & the children ate their weight in chocolates. I love having my parents here. correction...WE love having my parents here. Rod is always encouraging them to move here. Someday they just might! We did Christmas without them last year & Thanksgiving without them this year...both just felt sort-a sub par. The holidays seem complete & full when they are with us. 

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