---->>>> speed bump

Sunday, October 28, 2012

full disclosure:
Halloween is just a speed bump to me. 
just slows you down when really you just want to get to the really good holidays like thanksgiving & christmas.
But, with that said. we have a HUGE halloween fan in our family! Britt talks about halloween all year round. the kid loves dress up & pretend & candy. lots of candy. He is our sweet tooth.
& so...I do what I can to make a big ta-dah out of the month of October. Decorations up & costumes prepared. This week has been fun & busy busy busy. Lots of excuses to wear costumes. 
among 2 events...Trunk or treat at church & then a neighbor threw their annual  halloween bash. The kids loved both! Which is why I do find enough pleasure in the holiday...
because the kids just love it. 


Kim-the-girl said...

You managed to say nice things at least. :) Good thing you didn't plagiarize... ;) It looks like things are loads of fun in your neighborhood (as always), if we end up in San Antone next year will you find a house in your hood so we can join in on the fun?

As far as the race going, if our due dates are neck and neck I wouldn't be at all surprised for you to have your little bundle before me. And that's OK! I'm not planning on having him until at least a few days past the due date! :)

Ben and Sarah said...

Thanks Jen! I'm due Jan. 13th. when are you do?? It seems like you guys have an awesome neighborhood! Good luck with the baby!

Ava said...

Just wanted to say, thinking of you and your bump!!! :) Hope you're feeling good. :)

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