Saturday, October 27, 2012

It was an all hands on deck kind-a evening. Rod & I were both covered in pumpkin goo about 5 seconds into the task of carving funny faces. Each boy had a design in mind & we made sure to honor those ideas of round mouths, triangle noses, 
& crazy eye brows.
We thought it would be a more successful evening if we put Presley to bed first. I know she would have loved watching & participating...but the thought of knives & slippery surfaces & our littlest dancing around...just did not seem like a recipe for success.
The boys insisted on lighting those candles right away & were rather upset when we left for school this morning to find that the candles had burnt out.
Maddox tells me that the pumpkins need to stay on the front porch "all the way to christmas time."
That could get a bit gruesome with the texas heat & sun in the fall.
I wish I had taken more pictures.
The boys were excited & Britt kept chanting "this is the best day ever!"
but like I said...all hands were needed and so the camera was put down & the carving knife replaced it. I think I rushed the evening because it was a school night. I was busy thinking about lunch boxes, teeth brushing, & school spirit week shirts. Sort-a regret that. 
I need to slow down. I need to let them slow down.


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