Friday, October 12, 2012

When I was growing up I was busy with pretend play with my brother & cousins. we had pretend forts, pretend radio shows, pretend school houses, pretend bands, pretend you name it. We would dress up or make things that might look like a pile of sticks and rocks to anyone else, but to us it was a roaring campfire or maybe a hat. who knows.
T has always been the feet on the ground time of boy. So when Britt our imaginative one began to talk & play the two were not sure what to make of each other. But soon T was participating in sword fights or boat trips, or restaraunt openings. I love the way each boy adds something to the dynamics of the group. T is the logical academic scholar, Britt is the one with his head in the clouds day dreaming about dragons & ninjas, & Maddox is the one who gets them excited about what ever pretend scenario is being played out. 
Tonight Rod brought home (& I won't try to use medical terminology here.) tubes used in air ways. It took the 3 only 1 minute before they were fisherman on a boat out at sea catching whales & sharks & fish bigger than our house. 
I love the idea of these little kids looking back at their childhood in pictures. & maybe being able to pull forward the feeling of love & friendship. 

our rag a muffin crew in mis matched jammies & crazy hair. 


allegra said...

This is so cute because I totally remember as a kid playing with some of the "doctor" stuff my Dad would bring home, too! When we'd go in his office, we'd love to steal the rubber gloves and make them into "turkeys" or fill them up with water or air:) so cute. Love your cute boys and their imaginations.

Ava said...

Very cute. I loved playing pretend with my sister when we were little. And I love to see my kids use their imaginations now. Lots of fun. :)

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