Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sometimes it is easy for me to forget you are still so little. 7 is still just a little boy. You must feel that we require so much from you. I often worry that I ask you to do too much. I never ask you to change a diaper or anything gross like that, but I do ask you to go get this & go get that all day long. When Daddy & I pray at night we always ALWAYS pray that you know in your heart how much we appreciate you & what a big help you are! You truly are. Days go smoother when you are near. You take Britt into your room & you guys play for hours without a single tiff. You show Maddox patience that I only wish I could offer. You are quick to Presley's aid when she is fussing for something out of reach. You still like to cuddle & I know I sometimes say awful things like "buddy its too hot for that." I hope you forget those moments or at least forgive them. Because I know someday you won't want to sit on my lap & snuggle up. Just the other day I was kissing your cheek. You pulled away & asked "are you always going to kiss me? when will you stop that?" I laughed & told you that I would Never stop kissing your cheeks & that the more you resist the more kisses you would get! smooch! I told you I would show up at your school just to give yoga  big kiss in front of everyone. We laughed.  I tell people you are an angel. The perfect boy. My goodness I mean it! You really are a dream kid! you get straight As & love to learn! You work hard & enjoy it. Only occasionally do I hear a "but I did not even make the mess in the playroom." & you are right..those brothers are two twirling tornados! You are affectionate & polite & thoughtful. You are creative & your testimony is so much bigger than you are! You amaze us. Daddy & I talk about how lucky blessed we are to have you daily! I hope you see yourself as we see you! I hope you know our hearts are so full of love & gratitude for you! 
Love you T-ster!  
Love, Mommy
ps: I love that you still call me mommy...keep it up!
pss: I think you are cute to boot with your missing teeth & those big kid teeth that look way to big for your mouth growing in! 


allegra said...

what a sweetheart. I'm sure he'll read this one day and love it. I'm sure his siblings just love him... and holy amazing eyes!

Kim-the-girl said...

Can you send some of your adoring mother-ness my way... I need to do better at this. Thanks for your example. I am sure he feels this love and appreciation.

Ava said...

I do the same thing with my oldest. Expecting so much out of him, and forgeting that he is still little himself. It's fun though, when they are at the age that they can be a helper and you can talk on more of a grownup level, not a little childs level. I really love that! :)

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