{10 years}

Sunday, July 22, 2012

T was asking all sorts of questions about college today. 
who chooses my classes?
how long is each class?
where will I live?
What will I eat?
What kinds of classes can I take?
Is there a lacrosse class?

& then it hit me!
10 years!
That is all.
Just 10 years till we pack up his things & ship him off to university.

& it reminded me how fleeting this season is. 
Its incredibly hard & trying & dirty & smelly.
But its also hugely full of blessings, learning, hugs, songs & time together.

10 years until the first leaves the nest.
I have to soak all these babes in now.

(oddly enough T, the collage bound 7 year old was not feeling the pesky little brothers & opted to avoid us during this particular evening.) 


1 comment:

Kim-the-girl said...

We've had lots of college talks with our boys... they can hardly wait! I think its hilarious... but I totally know what you mean, Bryant is 9, only 10 years til he's on a mission! Crazy!

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