Thursday, July 05, 2012

As a mom there are great days where I feel all fuzzy and lovey-dovey. goose bumps and all. 
then there are days like yesterday.
where I swear my head is going to explode. 
much like a firework.

We all had a restful night & slept till a decent hour in the morning. Rod & Maddox went to pick up donuts & then came back with 4 dozen. great! 

The kids are playing.
T & Britt are hanging out. They have really become best friends this summer & have a blast together. Its rather darling.
Presley was pointing to animals in her board book one by one making sure not to forget a single chick.

Maddox. wait? where was Maddox?
I figured the play room so up the stairs I went to check on our youngest guy & grab swim suits for the pool. He was not in the playroom. 
the little boy's bedroom door was shut. weird. Maddox never disappears by himself. 
I open the door and say hi & head to the closet to get swim suits when I hear a loud "Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry" as a gust of wind (Maddox) rushed out the door before I had any clue what was happening. I turned to evaluate the situation.

Oh my double hockey sticks boy!
I was on fffiirreee.


Maddox snuck a surgical marker (worse than permanent) out of Rod's work bag & proceeded to color much of his & Britton's beds...

Along with his beautiful baby dresser that I have cherished for years now.
then I see his pottery barn bedding & his bedside water cup.

I scream. nothing in particular, just a scream of horror.
(Meanwhile, Maddox is still frantically yelling sorry & hiding in T's room) 

2 hours+magic eraser+baby wipes+rubbing alcohol+Rod's muscles & its still not all gone. faded to a lovely lilac. okay its not lovely at all.
But we had plans & had to proceed with the day.
Rod the level headed one kept reminding me that they are just things. 
He is right. 

first to the pool with neighbors from church for some lunch & swimming.
second to the church 4th celebration complete with all american food, ketchup spills, homemade root beer, bike parade, water games & a visit from our pal Cameron from med school/church in Tennessee.

after the evening activities we hung out in the yard & on the porch watching fireworks from every direction. The children all seemed extra pleased with their 4th. 
That makes me extra pleased even if there was one extra color added to the day. 




The Tureks said...

Glad it was a fun day but so sorry about the extra color added to the furniture. Kids the best and worst part of most days.

Kim-the-girl said...

Oh my goodness! I can't imagine how I would react to something like that!!! I certainly wouldn't be the "level headed one!" that's for sure! Glad you were able to enjoy the day despite the stress! And LOVE that huge pic of Britt. Perfect!!!

allegra said...

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! i am dreading the day my kids find a sharpie or some other permanant thing and go to down. i would be so upset too! i think i'd have to leave the house and go for a drive or something to cool off! ugh! so sorry! the bedding probably will be a little harder, but maybe with the furniture you could just paint over it (if it's white furniture), or if it's stained, try to re-stain over the top with a close wood stain color? Well despite the chaos, still looks like you guys had a fun fourth!

allegra said...

i meant "town" not "down. "


Ava said...

Oh my!! My heart started racing just reading about the purple everywhere! We had an incident like that involving lotion when my oldest was younger. Lotion on every inch of carpet, every toy, bedding, everything. Thankfully it didn't leave permanant stains, but boy was it a mess to clean up! Thankfully, my son was too young to remember the gone bezerk mother I turned into at that moment! Lol!
I love Presleys swimsuit and her skirt and red flower headband! I am in love with it all. It must be so much fun having a little baby doll to dress!!
Looks like a fun day. You take such great pictures. Really makes me want to up my game, I'm really slacking lately.
Lovely post, as always. (Sorry this is such a novel!) :)

Tamsyn said...

Love it!! Not the purple though. I used many Magic erasers to clean the walls prior to moving from Sandusky...So sorry about that! Presley is getting to be such a little lady!! So darling! Miss you guys TONS!!!

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