{too much of a good thing}

Friday, July 13, 2012

I can easily argue that one can never have enough education, enough friends, enough experiences, enough chocolate...but there are some things I see as too much of a good thing. Example: when the boys get crazy together. Super cute & endearing for about 10-15 minuets depending on the time of day & my current emotional state. But there are days where Presley cannot even take 5 seconds of the noise & crazy brotherly banter & ruckus. She melts down into a puddle of unconsolable tears & strife. Tonight was one of those instances where Presley had just had it with the big brothers & their loud ways. Call it over stimulation. She sobbed while we made dinner, she sobbed while we plated dinner, still while serving it & then cried into her plate. She could not even be convinced to stop, breathe & eat. So Mommy (me) took it upon herself to take the baby into her arms & shield her from the nuthouse that is our home from the hours of 3-6pm. I stowed us girls away into Tre's room, shut the door, drew the blinds & got cozy in the rocking chair where we sat rocking back & forth & rubbing each other's fingers & palms. Her breathing settled. I suggested we join the boys at the table. "NO!"  So we sat in the dark a bit longer.  Her eyes still wet from tears & still a few heavy breaths here & there. her beloved chooch between her lips. Brotherly ruckus is a good thing...but sometimes its just too much for the queen-bee. I feel ya Presley! 




allegra said...

oh, poor baby girl. i can totally relate. sometime ruby has had enough of max's ball kicking, car racing noises, wrestling, etc etc!! hope tomorrow is better. cute pics of the darling, though.

Kim-the-girl said...

What a sweet moment... I can't even imagine life getting so crazy... ha!!! Its non-stop crazy at our house, so yeah, I can relate too Presley!

moroni1 said...

It's hard to be 2! I hope you guys are doing well. I know this year schedule is probably pretty crazy for you guys. I feel for ya!

moroni1 said...

ok so this is Marta by the way. I ust realized that I'm signed in as my mom. She's visiting this week. She uses the computer a lot to check her email. Miss you

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