Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I sped like a crazy person...I mean I drove slightly over the posted speed limit today

This morning Britt was a bit fussy, but he gets that way some mornings. i thought nothing of it. Gave him some kisses on the forehead & asked if he was up for school today. He said yes & even suggested we walk to the bus stop today rather than drive. It was a pretty morning so I agreed it was a great idea. Jackets on, back pack in tow, we headed to the bus stop. Britt climbed the steps of the bus (which were more than 1/2 his size) & we blew kisses. When we returned home to start lunch Maddox grabbed my attention & said he was worried about Britton that he was going to throw up. (I hate the word throw up by the way. Its so gross.) I was not sure where this idea was coming from, but I quickly began to worry, because thats what I do. I turned up my cell phone to extra super obnoxiously loud just in case. I went about my wednesday usuals, stripping beds, vacuuming etc. I checked my phone for no good reason at all & Somehow between folding laundry & playing with baby dolls I missed a call. I knew the number. It was the same number that calls to tell me almost weekly That T hit his head in gym class, is okay, but will be coming home with a bump. I grabbed the keys, told Rod I was going & traded my slippers for shoes. I listed to the voicemail after I buckled up. sure enough...Maddox was right. (insert weird twilight music here) Britton got off the bus & instantly got sick to his tummy. I looked at what time they had called. It had been 30 minuets earlier...& so I put the pedal to the medal to get to my Brittster. I felt awful thinking about him in the nurses office being sick without me there to hold him. I ran like the nut that I am to the school clinic & grabbed my boy. His eyes welled up & out came the tears. He only cries with Rod & I. He won't cry in front of others. He holds it in so tightly. Such a brave boy. I took him home & we snuggled him up in bed with a show & some crackers. He felt pretty sick for the rest of the afternoon, but ate a bit of his dinner & took a bath & then climbed into bed happy. Im still feeling lousy about missing the call.
Presley must have noticed how still Britt was & picked up that something was just not right. she stuck by his side for most of the evening. petting his hair & putting her cheek to his shoulder. She loves him. He is very lovable!


Kalen said...

You have the cutest family. I love how everyone sticks together! And Britt is lovable!! We sure love him! <3

Kim-the-girl said...

Isn't it amazing how nurturing little girls are?!? What a sweet little family you have.

allegra said...

awe, poor little dude. I hope he feels better soon:) He is so handsome even when sick....

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