{Britt turns 10}

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Britton is my gentle one. He is my Ferdinand the Bull. He brings so much peace to our family, and color & wit. He is so crazy smart. The boy understands everything & is a sponge. He makes us so proud. He turned 10 years old on the 1st. Double digits. I can't even believe it. Maybe its because he is my eternal baby. He was born so quiet, sleepy and squishy. He is still quiet and sleepy but the squish is gone. he is the skinniest little thing. I am so glad he is ours.  This birthday seemed like a big deal not just because he is double digits but because at a recent appointment his hearing was thoroughly evaluated and it was finally determined that he is deaf in his left ear. After all these years of him asking his teachers if he could sit closer to them during instruction and turning his head to the right. All those times he did not hear us and we would repeat his name over and over until finally we would go to him so he could look at us. I knew he couldn't hear but for some reason actually hearing that he is deaf & that hearing aids won't work for his type of hearing loss....for some reason my heart just hurt and all I have wanted to do is keep him near. He was the same boy after that hour long appointment but it all felt different. So now we have a few appointments to talk implant and other options. He is actually very excited about what the future holds for him. He says he feels like not hearing has really held him back (but if he got As while not hearing...this kid is going to be unstoppable!) and he doesn't want it to effect his "future." his words. He is so great!  So now he is 10 & he is going to be hearing fully in a just a few short months. Big things are coming his way & I love that I get to stand by him for the journey.

Check out Britt's bed head. Its always a work of art when he wakes up...

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