{Trunk or treat!}

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Thursday night was trunk or treat. It worked out perfectly as it was a long weekend for the children so I didn't have to watch the clock closely to make sure they made it to bed at a reasonable hour. Instead we put on pajamas & traded candy & watched Halloween cartoons & skits.  Maddox won best all around costume...I am pretty sure it was the awesome mustache that put his costume in the running. Presley about lost it because she did not win a prize for her costume. She is trying so hard to catch up socially to her peers. Its been tricky watching her navigate relationships this year. She is learning to be happy for others & rejoice in others successes. Someday I am certain it will come easier to her...but for now...I hide all the birthday invitations that come because as of late she is not a very good little guest. poor baby. I like to have play dates over here so I can help her to be a friend & defuse any situations where she might begin to ignite.  I had a good cry after her fit at the trunk or treat though because I feel like I spend so much energy teaching our children to think of others, celebrate others...and then moments of sheer selfishness pop up & I feel discouraged. But as I often am reminded--Whom the Lord calls, he qualifies. I was hand picked to teach these spirits & I know as long as I seek guidance through prayer & study I will be able to be the mother they need me to be. right?!  I do believe it even if I have to remind myself daily.


We have such a fun ward. these people are so giving & kind & all came together to give the primary & youth a wonderful Halloween celebration! I don't know what I would do without a ward family wherever we go. 

This years costumes were all over the place! I love letting them express their interests & ideas! 
Tre- The Flash
Britton-A dolphin with a mustache & a fedora ????? But he loved it! 
Maddox- A viking
Presley-A ballerina
Cooper-Chase from Paw Patrol 

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marie said...

All the costumes were great! Way to go Maddox!

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