Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Tamsyn & I have been so lucky the last 5 years to see each other at least 1 time a year. Now that I am just 5 hours away we see each other probably every other month.  Of course this summer she will be moving clear to other side of the country. Im still holding out hope she won't. This weekend Tamsyn called & said she was thinking of coming our way for the weekend since Jeremy had to work.  We had a big ole sleepover & ate & played & took the kids to the city, which was not nearly as scary as taking all 9 to church on Sunday morning. But we did it & having Tamsyn & the kids here was the best. I moved a lot growing up so I don't feel like I have lots of longtime friends. I can count my dearest friends on 1 hand. & I am just fine with that because thats all I need! a few good friends who I love & who love me right back through thick & thin! Tamsyn is one of those friends! I know we will be wrinkly old ladies still getting together with our other part, Laura. I love that even after moving apart all those years ago we are all still making new memories together. 

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