Friday, March 18, 2016

I have a jumble of pictures from so many different things. The kids have been super busy. Tre had an engineering contest at the university & his bridge that he built with a sweet friend won 1st place. It was also the day Cooper heard the name "Rodney" & jumped out of his seat saying "wheres my daddy?!" then we told him that Tre's real name is Rodney & that blew his mind. it was hilarious. Britton had an economics fair & we made what we did in Texas & once again it was a huge hit! sold out in minutes. Presley had a performance where she had to dress like a farmer & well I couldn't just send her in jeans. Thats not our thing.  Oh yes...& in-between school events we went to the drive in with our good friends! it was windy & rainy but so fun! & since my children are home from school I better leave it at that! & now pictures! I love these crazy days.

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