{Veterans Day}

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

 Wednesday, in honor of Veterans Day , the children had no school. So we made plans with our dear friends the Whites. Addie is a bit of an angel here. She was a quick friend! Their children & ours are about the same ages. Tre & E are in the same school class.   & Maddox & J are in the same class at church.  We drove up to the mountains. We knew there would be snow & wanted to go sledding. The roads were so slippery that cars were having a hard time going up the hill to the parking. But we all found a way up there. The children through snow balls, made a few incomplete snowmen. They sledded down hills & then decided enough was enough & cried. We had a wonderful time. overtime I go up there I feel better about our new home. Its so pretty & so peaceful. It reminds me of New Hampshire.  We kept thinking how fun it would have been to have daddy to play with too. Soon enough! The snow was beautiful! This is a mix of Addie's photos & mine. I am so glad she brought her camera! 


Kim-the-girl said...

First of all, the pictures are incredible! Simply beautiful! Second, I am floored by how much Britton looks like his daddy in the first picture of him! Wow!

Ava said...

I have gotten so sidetracked with Instagram that I forget to check your blog regularly! Your photography skills are incredible. I'm in awe. And I am loving how you are like McGuyver with the inventive snow fun! Sand buckets and tote lids?! I had no idea there was snow close by Las Vegas. What a treat!

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