{Maddox turns 7}

Thursday, November 26, 2015

It is hard to believe Maddox is 7.  He came into the world screaming & really has not stopped. He has  a passion for everything & everyone! Nothing is 1/2 way with him. He is social & brave. He is busy. He is my trickiest one, but when I am having a hard day he is the one I go to for a snuggle. Just like in the book "Ill Love you Forever" I like to look at him while he sleeps & soak in his stillness.  He is a blur of movement while he is awake. He is such an important part to our family! We would not be complete without him. We are so lucky to have my parents here to celebrate birthdays & thanksgiving with us! The day before his birthday my dad helped Maddox make a volcano cake. He had wanted to make one with his Opah. It was cute to watch them all working together. (Presley helped too & decided to wear a ballet costume for the occasion. silly girl) For his birthday we did our tradition special breakfast. He had school so we sent in treats for him to share with his class. After school we fit in an entire birthday dinner in 45 minutes before heading to dive where he did a target dive from the 3 meter board- 3 times! Competition is around the corner & Id say he is ready! He was a happy duck all day! Such a big kid!

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Kim-the-girl said...

What a special day for your special boy!

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