Sunday, November 01, 2015

This is our first Halloween in our new city. We all knew it would be very different. What we had in our neighborhood in Texas was a once in a lifetime thing. We knew we would feel nostalgic & homesick today. & We did. It was a huge blessing that Tre was invited out with a friend's family. I was hesitant at first because I know that there are only a few Halloweens left for our quickly growing boy. But I am so glad I let him go! at 6pm I took Britton, Maddox, Presley & Cooper out to trick or treat. Presley decided to be a cat tonight rather than wear the cupcake dress she wore for school & trunk or treat. My friend Addie had made me cat ears so it was an easy last minute costume change. We walked around trying to stop at friends homes firsts. No one was home. We went to other houses & some had signs on their doors that read: NO CANDY. DO NOT KNOCK. what?!? we walked the whole neighborhood & received candy from maybe 15 houses. The kids were sad to see that not many kids were out. One neighbor mentioned that maybe it was because our neighborhood gates were  closed.  The houses we did go to had the sweetest people. Just super friendly. Our next door neighbors have 3 children. One Tre's age, and one Presleys & a 9 month old. When we stopped by their house they were ready for us with cute little goodie bags just for our 5. That made the night a lot better. We stayed outside for a bit handing out candy & playing in the dark. We finally made it inside about 8pm. We turned on some halloween-ish shows & they ate a treat before getting changed & heading off to bed. Tre arrived home at 9:30 with a huge bag of sweets. Everyone enjoyed their Halloween even though it was different. The girls back in Texas sent me a super funny picture from Kim's green screen photo booth. It meant a lot to me that they thought of me.  The candy is all in one big tub now & I'm already plotting on ways to rid the home of it! Poor kiddos. I am glad Halloween is over. Now we can move on to the happiest time of the year. I assured Rod i wouldn't put Christmas decorations up till November 15th. We will see. 

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Kim-the-girl said...

Halloween is just not the same as when we were kids. Your Texas neighborhood was definitely one in a million! I'm glad Halloween is over too, bring on the best holidays!

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