{May 12th}

Monday, May 13, 2013

I am certain I think it every year...
THIS  is the best mother's day EVER! 
& again...
I thought it this year. 

Mother's day is simple.
its sleeping in 
its my favorite egg breakfast
its less cleaning & more playing
its school projects & primary pictures.

I like simple. 
I like that it is not a big party
just extra kisses & 
spontaneous & often random gifts throughout the day.
Maddox gave me his last carmel. 

it was an open window weekend
bikes were rode,
movie nights had, 
friends came over for sunday dinner after church.

This was the best mother's day EVER! 
(so far)

this boy made me a mom! 
he still calls me mommy.....

 breakfast joke! a platter! not a dinner plate! 

the annual homemade fruit bouquet! Rod amazes me!! 

When Tre was born I freaked out! 
I stopped eating & started crying.
I was young. only married for 18 months.
on the brink of my 22nd birthday. 
My mom was there.
she made dinners.
she took the baby in the wee hours of the night.
she put Tre on a schedule.
she made sure i had time to brush my teeth and hair & breathe.
she taught me to be a mommy....
not just in those first weeks of Tre's life 
but in all the years she loved & mothered me.
She is my dearest friend! 

Tre & my best friend....
(Tre-18 mo. Charlotte NC)

1 year ago today. Tre and Omah (Jenni's mom) exchanging night night kisses after a day out on omah and opah's boat. Tre LOVES his omah:) photo IMG_1988omahandtre.jpg


Kim-the-girl said...

Sweetest post ever! This was my favorite Mother's Day as well. Being a mom is hard, but it sure is amazing!

Ava said...

Very cute. I love your beautiful pictures of your children. Glad you had a wonderful day with your family. :)

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