{at the table}

Thursday, May 23, 2013

We finally got around to getting out the ole' high chair.
This chair has held 5 of our babies now.
Cooper was rather pleased with himself 
as he sat at the table with us at dinner tonight.
Presley played mommy & fed baby spoonfuls of cereal.
(I had to teacher her not to jam the spoon in to the back of poor coopers throat. he was a good sport.)

Today was actually not my favorite day...
kids fighting, using the word stupid, 
drawing on furniture, spill after spill...
& yet I sit & look at these happy cooper faces 
& none of that matters.

These pictures of cooper remind me of THESE pictures 
of our nearly 3 year old gal. 
my time flies. 

1 comment:

Kim-the-girl said...

Indeed, it does. Babies are the best at taking away all the drama of the day with the other kids...

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