{3rd annual}

Sunday, May 05, 2013

we had our annual lemonade stand. This menu: peanut butter bars, cookie bars, lemon bars, rice crispies, mint brownies, lemonade.
This year we had a cause.
Recently a family lost their daddy. The young mother, 30 weeks pregnant with baby 6 is left to raise her small ones without the love of her life. 
I thought maybe the street kids would earn about $40 as they have in the past...but not this time. nope! 
$220 was in the donation jar after 3 hours of selling. One man even put  $100.00 in the jar. It touches my heart deeply. He is a dad himself & I imagine his own heart strings were pulled.

The kids have grown so so so so  much! 
I mean look at this---at the very first stand here in Texas...
just babies! 

in between sales the boys & our little friends scooted around the block happy & soaking in the sunshine. 
It makes me smile to see our kids running around with such a great crowd.

While the kids played & got sticky with sugar, my neighbor, Gabby & I started talking about what we want for our daughters. I mentioned that our pediatrician (who is female) was quick to correct me when I was just casually said to Presley in passing that she is going to be a good little mommy when she is big. She acted offended that I would want that for my girl. "she could be a doctor, something more." she said. Yeah. She could. But above all things I want my daughter to be a mommy. I do not think that is a horrible thing. Gabby said she has told her husband that he can not ever retire. This is because Gabby wants her miss. A to be able to stay home & have all the babies she wants. she said that they will give her daughter money so she can stay home with her children. Obviously she was joking a bit...but I love that other Mothers wish for their girls what I wish for mine. I like to think that someday Presley will be setting up a lemonade stand of her own for her babies. 

After an incredibly busy morning, I put on a big hat & a skirt. Our sitter arrived & then Rod & I had left for a  Kentucky derby party. We had Kentucky dishes & all us ladies wore big flowers on our hats. The men talked medicine; The girls talked babies. whats new?!  We did a drawing for which horse we would be rooting for. I pulled Orbe. & wouldn't you know it?! My horse won. 

& that was our incredibly busy Saturday.
Now, I crash. 


Kalen said...

Little Miss Presley can be a doctor AND a mommy!!! Go figure... who knew?!? haha... a shame that her pediatrician would think she couldn't be. :) What a great cause and God bless the family who are now without their daddy. :( I love your lemonade stand & so glad the money goes to a great cause! <3

Kim-the-girl said...

Oh I can't even think about your friend's situation without crying. What a great way for you to spend your Saturday... and a wonderful lesson in giving to your children.

ha! my words to type below are "for my ky" How fitting, this little post includes a throw back to "your Kentucky."

Ava said...

You rock! What a great way to teach your children to care for others! And I can't believe how little your boys were when you first were in Texas. Has it been that long? Wow! Times flies, huh?

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