---->>>> November 22nd

Monday, November 26, 2012

Omah & Opah are here.
We could not be more happy about that!

Omah & Opah cooked up a storm in our kitchen. 
This prego momma was told to rest up.
I did however make cinnamon rolls for breakfast. 
(Rod assures me that I will be back to my energetic self soon. I am feeling so zapped.)

The boys went for a walk with Opah to get things to make a centerpiece.
We watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
We made our gratitude tree leaves. lots of them!
We sang christmas songs,
Daddy read christmas books,
couch naps were had,
we drove every single wheeled toy we own.
& we ate a gourmet massive dinner.

Rod was with us. & that alone is a blessing.
he gave up his day sleep before his night shift to participate in the holiday.

Maddox threw a 3 hour off & on fit  because he wanted to BE AT the parade...
not just watch it. we drew maps & tried to explain to him that actually making it to the parade this year was not feasible. He did not believe me. so instead we just rocked in a 
rocking chair until he settled down.



Kim-the-girl said...

Where are you?! We need to see that cute preggo momma! I can totally relate to the zapped feeling... ugh. So, so, so tired.

Ava said...

Those pig tales are killing me! Soooo cute!! And I'm with Kim! Where are you?! I hope that you are documenting this pregnancy, even if you don't share it with us. Although I really hope you give us somethin'! :)

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