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Tuesday, November 20, 2012



the weather is gorgeous, not too hot & perfect for shorts & play clothes. Omah, Opah & Lucca are here.   The children are enjoying a less structured week of play & sweets! 

In addition to this week being full of yummy food its also about family. Perfect time for THIS .  


Kalen said...

So glad Opah made it! I was worried when I saw the weather reports about the fog in Chicago!! Enjoy the company & the last few days/weeks before baby #5 arrives! <3 Missing you all!!

Kim-the-girl said...

How delightful! Hope you're hanging in there!

Ava said...

I don't think my comments are posting when I use my ipod :( I just noticed the one I made the other day didn't post. I hope you are having fun with your parents! We just went to my parents in PA this past weekend. So wonderful to be with parents!! Fun feeling like the kid again! :) Hope you're feeling good and relaxing! :)

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