{summer weekend}

Friday, February 03, 2012

The funny thing about living in a warm place is that friday after school...and every friday that is...its like the start of a mini summer vacation. The kids take off their back packs & shoes & sprint to the back yard in hopes to see little neighbors
playing in their yards too.
we are very happy here.


marie said...

I love the early summer idea. Britt has the best faces :-) I can't wait to be their to celebrate with them on Friday. I will bring my shorts and sneakers to play in the yard too!!
See you soon..

Ava said...

So cute! We have had the mildest, BEST winter ever since I moved to NY 9 years ago! Not the same as 78 degrees, but nice nonetheless. :) Glad to see your little cuties enjoying the good weather.
By the way, I'm going to miss the polka dot header! I really liked it! I'm still curious how you made it! :)

Kim-the-girl said...

I have a friend who moved to Alaska last year. She recently told of a day that was around 45 degrees there... her son went out in short sleeves and shorts and said, "Its like summer!" When she reminded him that if they were still in TX he'd be FREEZING! He didn't believe her... I thought it was funny... especially since I was freezing yesterday and it was in the 40s!

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