{Mom's birthday weekend}

Friday, November 11, 2016

My Mom had her birthday last weekend. We wanted to be with her & make her feel extra loved. The children were so excited to go to their house. Cooper was especially pleased with the trip & hummed & figured the entire way there. It was a busy morning before we left. I was at the school volunteering & as soon as I was finished I took the children out of their classes and we jumped into the car to leave. The visit included my Mom & I going for her annual November 5th swim...& let me tell ya...that pool was freezing! But we did it. Then we headed to my mom's friends house, the Connolly's  (I was best friends with their daughter & my brother was best friends with their other daughter & our moms were great friends too. we spent much of our elementary years together. They recently bought a house near my parents) house just a few minutes up the street. The kids swam & we ate cake. Terri had made goody bags & the children took hand fulls of gumballs.  It was a really nice visit. After Rod, Tre & I snuck over to the Crosby's house to see their new baby boy. I heard a sleeping newborn while T & Rod helped charlie & Weston trim & clear palm branches. I am so glad we were able to see them. We sure love them. We finished off the special day with my Mom's favorite dessert-Pie. 6 pies to be exact. It was so Delicious but I am still recovering from all the food we ate! Tummy aches for days here! Sunday morning we left. Half way through the drive my mother called frantic. But before I could even hear her I picked up & asked what was wrong. I had a very distinct impression that something was not okay. My mom explained that my father was not making sense, couldn't walk, was disoriented. all the signs of a stroke. Rod spoke to my mom for 2 minutes and could hear my father speaking slowly and gargley in the back ground. He turned the car around and we headed back to Arizona. I went into the hospital to see my Dad & hug my worried Mom. Then I went back out to the car so Rod could spend time with my parents and meet the doctors who were seeing my father. Rod was so helpful. The kids missed school Monday and Rod spent the day at the hospital with my parents.  It was a big wake up call for all of us! Our time with loved ones are so precious.  My Dad is doing okay, but he had another incident on Wednesday. I went to the Temple & put my Dad & Mom's names down. It was a birthday my Mom will not soon forget!

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Kacee said...

I'm thinking of your dad! So sorry to hear about what happened. He's really one of the best! Sending hugs from TX. <3 -Kacee

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