Sunday, November 13, 2016

We just got back from a super fun weekend in California. T  is on a travel club team. He was asked to play & did not even have to try out so naturally I am one proud mom! Their first tournament of the fall season was in Oceanside California at this super huge complex. there were over 14 fields! Rod was unable to come because of work, which nearly killed him! That man loves sharing this with T. We took a friend along whose Dad is prepping for the Nevada Bar Exam. T & Jake are both quiet kids. I got a kick out of there lack of conversation though they are buddies. We arrived Friday & since there was no practise due to travel we took the boys sticks & headed to the beach. The big boys played catch & the little ones played in the waves. I told them it was too cold to swim but Maddox went ahead and saturated himself anyhow. Sneaky devil that one. It was so fun playing in the water and watching all 6  kids play. T said he felt like playing catch the night before the tournament was a good way to shake some nerves that started creeping in. I'm so proud of that boy. I feel like its not often enough that I get to cheer him on. Rod is such a lacrosse dad & loves to go to practises & help out, so I let him go, but this weekend it was me cheering my big guy on & it was just the best! 

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