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Friday, September 16, 2016

Its just the two of us at home now. 
Its wonderful, & easy but sad & hard too. 
I look at pictures of our earlier years with 3 very small babies at home ,then 4...& then Tre went to all day school & one by one they have each left the nest, leaving only one baby home to play with. & I love our special time together & yeah its quieter, cleaner & calmer, but I miss those days of many to feed, many to play with. I miss the hardness of juggling & balancing needs of a nursing baby, and toddlers. It was such a magical once in a life time period in our lives. 
Today Cooper & I enjoyed the under 100 degree weather.  We are officially desert dwellers. 95 feels cooler & bearable. Its comical. We played in the yard & snacked outside. This kid is hilarious! he uses such big vocabulary words  (Todays shocking word used in context: calculations. haha) & really thinks things through. I am constantly blown away by how bright he is. He reminds me of Tre as a 3 year old...which means I could probably get this kiddos reading right about now as this is about the time Tre learned to read.  I love when he surprises me with what he understands. He is a wonderful little buddy! 

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