{Long weekend. The 3rd & final part}

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

It just now dawned on me! I have known these families for 1/2 of my life! & soon we will be able to say we have known each other for more years than we haven't. For some reason that just makes me incredibly happy. I see old friends from my childhood who married each other, who live in the same town, go to dinner with the same crowds & that has always made me a bit sad. I moved a lot growing up & so deep roots were hard to grow. But the Keys & Crosbys and forever friends. The type of friends you go on alaskan cruises with when you are 75. But beyond that...because of Charlie & Travis I have Rod. I would have never met him without a little help. & They both picked wives who I just love & their babies...all those babies...I couldn't love them all more! 

before the game...can you tell they are so super happy about this picture? 

When there isn't a DVD player you have a drive in in the driveway! 

Sunday afternoon & the obligatory group pictures! they are growing so fast! I wonder how they will feel about these pictures when they are teens. 

one last dip before heading back...

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