Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The big boys had a musical performance at school last week. Maddox sang a train themed song so he dressed as the cutest little locomotive engineer ever. Britton wore red white & blue as he sang a song about American heroes & our country. & Tre's song was about...I don't remember. I just remember it was really sweet & cute. His class was told to dress up. so he wore on of his Dad's ties. I love seeing Rod's ties on Tre. & Tre seems to walk a bit taller when he is wearing them. This assembly was both super & sad all at the same time. It was super because I saw my babies while they were at school, & I saw sweet friends whom I like to visit with. It was sad because...buckle up! The music teacher who my boys are forever coming home telling me how mean mean mean she is stopped. & I mean STOPPED!!!! the national anthem that the children were singing mid anthem & told them they were butchering it & were out of tune. Infant of parents & teachers! WHAT?! I about cried/died/started on fire. The national anthem holds a particular special place in my heart these for someone to 1) stop the song 2) embarrass sweet children while singing said anthem 3) act like that's totally okay just makes my blood boil a bit. I wish I was a better advocate for my children & other children at this school. Because that is NOT okay. She talked all sing song-ish but all i could think about was how she has made my children feel badly about themselves at some point this school year. I try to remember that everyone is fighting a battle of one kind or another. I am certain she has her own & I need to be patient. This school has been tricky on us, but I will say I love the teachers my big boys were assigned. they really are tops. Anyhow. The children did great! I was so glad I went & watched my boys! 

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Kim-the-girl said...

Oh, that is so sad! And music should be a highlight for kids-not something they dread! New schools definitely give us lots of opportunities for growth, right?

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