Saturday, December 05, 2015

Oh my goodness! 
Boys! You did so good! I was so excited watching you put all the practices to the test this weekend! Sometimes you little ones can be silly & have a little too much fun sneaking up on big kids, hanging out under the hot showers, chit chatting. BUT! This weekend you put on your serious game faces & walked out on those boards with purpose & confidence! On Friday you competed on the 1 meter boards. With coach Cami, Coach Natalya, Coach Danni & Coach Derrick all cheering you on! You gave it your best. Tre took a silver home. Britt a gold, & Maddox you took home a bronze. All the competitors were friendly & their parents were too. The natorium had such a good feel in it! You guys were great sports & shook hands with those you dove with. Tre was so positive & encouraging with you boys during your warm ups. I know his help was part of your success. & Britt you were darling when Maddox got the first award & you ran up to him & hugged him so tight. you were so genuinely happy for him! My heart melted!  On Friday night Mommy & Tre spent 5 hours at the pool helping with different jobs that needed doing during the meet. You younger ones stayed home & rested after a long week of lessons & meet preparations. Tre & I got home late and we all crashed hard! Saturday morning I had to wake you guys up so early! I felt so bad! You each looked like you needed the extra sleep! You looked so peaceful. But we had to go! Maddox competed on the 3 meter boards bright & early with help from coach Luke. (you boys really do well with Luke & Natalya. They speak your language. you work hard for them.) Maddox you were so cute up there! Everyone was commenting on how sweet you looked. You are small but fierce! You did great & was given another medal. This time a silver. You all looked so thrilled after your first meet. We are all still walking on clouds a bit from such a fun long weekend! Now we are getting back on our regular schedule & Mommy has a mountain of laundry to fold....but all the long nights really paid off! I love you my little divers! also... I love your long skinny legs. As babies I loved your leggies....not much has changed! 

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