Thursday, December 17, 2015

11. its scary for me really. You are more than 1/2 way out of the nest. You remind me when you talk about serving a mission, going to college. Its all going by. This year has been so hard on you. Moving from Texas to our new city was a really hard blow. I remember watching you go through the steps I did as a child. 1st your super sad to be leaving best friends...the 3 other horsemen, Brandon, Avery Grace your little valentine, Maddison, Morgan...all the kids on the street. & Then you started getting excited about the pool in the back yard, the bigger house, sharing with only Britton, the newness. You were so optimistic & ready for adventure as we drove up to our new home. You were giddy while I cried & cried. You held me together much of the time with your wonder & awe of the lights & exciting new memories we were making here. & Then School started. At Hardy oak you were so involved. Student council rep, choir, lacrosse, flag football, battle of the books, service projects, math name it & your face was in the year book group shot of it. People loved you. Teachers & students alike. But here you are starting over. You have had to figure out where you fit in & its been very hard to sit back & let you navigate this as a big kid, because I remember it, I remember being the new kid again & again. I hated it. Its been hard on you. But you are keeping that chin up! You have good friends who have your back. Porter & Jay, Eliana & Katie are all amazing! Porter shows up to play & when you show up at his house he is happy to see you. He is a sweet kid & he is an answer to my prayers! I tell you often that its hard, & I know. But that you can grow in rocky terrains. In my experience our testimonies grow most of all when we are challenged. You got this buddy! Already you are in the middle school math class, the accelerated 5th grade class, scouts, high dive... you are so smart & good & talented. I know you can offer so much to this community. So look for opportunities to give & be something wonderful. You certainly are wonderful in my eyes! 
Happy 11th  Tre-Tre. Thank you for making me a mother & teaching me how to be a Mommy.

you wear my shoes.
I wear your shoes.
you are almost as tall as Omah.
You love riding your bike.
Studio C is your show of choice.
You are so witty.
You read old conference talks & write Dad about them. 
You are eating me out of house & home.
You love to read
You are incredibly helpful
you are my old soul & my tender hearted guy.


for your birthday we did our hot breakfast with a candle tradition. You got a super awesome bike that the Keys helped me keep under wraps. You also got a new helmet that Dad picked out special for ya. The boys were so excited that it was your birthday!  for your school treat Sister White & I ordered pizzas for you & Eliana ( who was born on the same day as you!) to share with the class. It was a big hit! The weekend after your birthday we skipped town & headed to Omah & Opah's house to celebrate your day! We went & saw zoo lights & even convinced the giraffe to sing to Daddy, you were my bravery in asking him to sing. Then we had your favorite-ice cream cake. When we got back in town we went to a local chocolate factory & saw the men & women working super hard in the factory. We then walked around the gardens & froze, But the lights & company were just amazing! we had a good time. I hope you felt extra loved! What a fun long birthday weekend! 

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