{Conference weekend Prt. 2}

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

On Saturday the kids headed out into the 40 degree weather to run & play as soon as the sun came up. They got good & dirty & then came in to watch Conference. They colored & ate treats, played games that we had brought to keep the kids listening to the leaders of the Church. After the 1st session we loaded up in charlie's truck & drove to a trail for a little hike. The bigger kids ran ahead & left us arrows on the trail to show us which way we should go. We returned to the cabin to listen to the second session of the day & eat lunch. The children tried their best, but ended up outside, while the little ones rested on beds. After the session Rod,Charlie & Travis took the older boys shooting. & Sara brought out her nail kit & gave the little girls manicures & pedicures. It was so sweet of her to do that for the girls. They loved it. The boys returned home only to go right back outside to play tag. We ate dinner, & they played some more.  By the time dinner was done the children were covered head to toe in dirt. Not a fingernail was clean. So the mommies got to work bathing babies. Once everyone smelled like soap we laid out blankets & put on Hotel Transylvania. We made oven s'mores as a treat & while the movie played a few little ones dozed off. we carried them to bed & everyone slept well after a great day of spiritual messages & fresh air.

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