{Happy 2017!}

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

New Years eve was at our home this year. We made "Corn Doges" of many kinds. Breakfast ones, bacon ones, sausage ones, and dessert ones. We had a collection of dipping sauces & the little boys did the cooking, with some help from the Dads. The Corn Doge was Jonny's idea. He is full of good ideas. The boys strapped on aprons of whatever size or color they could find so not to get grease on them & then they fried away. The kids colored new years pages & played a game to open up discussion about their year and memories made. We made our New Years Wishes and sent them up to the sky as per tradition. Presley was to be home schooled.  She is a funny one. We used poppers and sparklers & played in the yard while it sprinkled. We celebrated the start to a new year with wonderful friends! Happy 2017! 

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