Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Monday morning we ate breakfast, read a story from the friend, said morning prayer, got dressed & did the usual fight over seats in the van. By the time we got to school everyone was sour. Britt & Madds both refused to kiss me goodbye. For Madds this is not a big deal, but Britt is my sweetheart & he never gets upset with me. It ate at me all day. I thought long & hard about what we needed as a family. We needed to be away from distractions & just be together.  & so For Family Home Evening I took the kids for a picnic up the mountain with McDonald's, a baby doll (Daisy. the 15 dollar doll from CVS she really really needed.) & 1 billion matchbox cars in tow. The weather is a good 15 degrees cooler up there & I needed a break from the heat & the kids needed something to shake things up a bit. Each one seems to be going through something right now, Little struggles that have surfaced. Its hard to watch them learn & grow sometimes. I am told that I am a mean mom sometimes, but I wish they could see where the "no"s & the timeouts come from. They come from my desperate desire to raise them to be good people. After school today I sat them all down for a family meeting. We haven't had one in a while with Rod being away. We needed one. To make it we need to all be on the same team. Sometimes it feels more like they are opponents. I love each of the children. I want them to love each other. I pray for it every morning as they head off to school. Being outside away from the normal was just what they needed. They explored together & laughed together.  The boys & I got a kick out of the way Presley would make commentary about each person that walked by us on the trail. For example "Ohhh. You are so fancy!" (to the couple with no shoes, face paint & his & her belly rings)  "Oh you look like you are so nice!" (To the couple she started to follow & cried to go with for 10 mins) "Oh your so good at walking your puppy!" (to the woman walking a ferret.) Im still laughing. She really knows how to make people feel good! It was like she was looking at stars as they walked down the red carpet. 


Kim-the-girl said...

This looks like heaven! I'm sure of it!

Kalen said...

I want to go there!!! It sounds like Vegas is full of interesting people. haha.

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