{right now}

Sunday, February 22, 2015

While 1/2 the country is buried under a whole lot of snow with temps in the negative we are really eating up this Texas spring. The flowers are already starting to bloom on neighbors trees, pink & white (reminds me of our Kentucky house.) & dandelions are sprouting up in the yard. A little glass of yellow flowers rests next to my kitchen sink provided by sweet little flower pickers. The warm weather means walks to the park, and walks to the market. Rock collections & bug hunting & laying in soft a bed of clover that  has taken over part of the yard. It means open windows. It means maybe the bug that has plagued us for 3 weeks is almost over. I wear sandals, they wear shorts & skirts without tights. All this makes motherhood right now beautiful.


Kim-the-girl said...

You have such a gift, with that camera, with words, with motherhood! You are a gem, my friend!

Kalen said...

Love all of the fun cropping in your photos!! :)

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