{Trunk or Treat}

Sunday, November 02, 2014

October came fast & ended even faster. Every week seemed to be jam packed with Halloween events & practices, classes, projects. I am not complaining, but at the same time I am relieved that it is over. The weekend before the big sugar rush we attend the trunk or treat for our ward. The kids loved their costumes & playing games with friends for prizes. Tre is big time now & goes off with his 3 best buddies from church. The 4 of them are really just the sweetest thing you'll ever see. They really enjoy each other. Their football team calls them the 4 horsemen. They arrive at practices walking in a straight line like tough guys. I love that Tre has these guys.  Cooper got a kick out of his costume. He loved the hat & his face was priceless as he went around saying trick or treat. The confusion & the thrill of  candy being put into his brown sac. The children are reaching fun ages where they are all pretty independent & good at expressing their made this particular evening a lot of fun on my end. No babies in our nest right now has it pros I guess. I could really take in the joy that kids had written on their faces. I'm glad they enjoy Halloween...heaven knows it does nothing for me. 

& then on Saturday football with our friends...

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