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Sunday, September 30, 2012

My mother is on tour.
1st stop: to see the 4. 
She arrived on Friday evening.
with her came new jammies, new dresses, chocolate lollipops & hugs.
We stayed up late & Presley made her rounds of night night kisses.
Saturday was wet & rainy so no football & no soccer games. Sadly.
Instead my mother played legos & colored with the four.
Mom took me to Costco & filled 2 whole carts for the pantry. 
gratitude does not even begin to describe how we feel. 
then home for dinner & the Relief Society General Conference.
We made it home after a busy day & the boys all crept downstairs for a snuggle with Omah.
Now everyone is snoozing.
Tomorrow my mother takes off for her second destination.
Maryland to see  cute baby Norah for a while. 
The boys wanted Omah to stay for "22 months." 
She is one fantastic Omah to squeeze in a quick stop here on her Omah Tour.
(Poor Opah-stuck at work. next time!)


Kalen said...

So glad you had fun with Omah! Love the new PJ's! I can't wait for her to arrive here for her Norah kisses!! She has been missed! Have you found room in her suitcases, yet?!? P.S. LOOK AT ALL OF THAT HAIR ON PRESLEY!!! My oh my!! It's getting so long, blonder, & oh-so-curly!! Our little ones are doomed with those curls. It's inevitable, I think! :)

Kim-the-girl said...

Oh, that is so nice that you got a visit with your mom, no matter how quick! Glad you had a nice time!

Melany said...

Man I wish we could get cute PJs like that here !!! Sooo cute !!

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